Introducing Twism

A decentralized customer engagement and monetization platform.

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Twism redefines loyalty

Consumer loyalty has historically been a fragmented patchwork of archaic and expensive programs with very few consolidated offerings. Repeat business drives engagement, but most Merchants have little information about their customers - if any at all.



A Token for Every Merchant



The Twism Merchant platform creates an all-inclusive solution for Merchants to engage with their customers to boost loyalty, brand adoption, and referrals.  To engage with their customers, Merchants can create their own unique tokens to distribute to consumers by various means through the Twism solution, obsoleting the need for other fragmented marketing platforms.

The same platform works for all types of consumer facing Merchants, whether they are:

  • Restaurant, Retail, Service
  • Single-location, Multi-location, or Franchise
  • E-commerce Stores and Applications


Each Merchant controls how their tokens are created and distributed across the Twism Platform. 



Merchants reward customers with tokens post-purchase akin to current loyalty programs.



Consumers can send private feedback to Merchants and are rewarded for constructive feedback. 



Merchants can broadcast deals to all customers with time-sensitive offerings. 



Geolocation services allow for the airdropping of tokens based on a customer's location.



Merchants can create date-dependent offers, such as incentivizing customers on their birthday.


Ad Hoc

Known as rainy day promotions, Merchants can initiate traffic by airdropping tokens whenever they choose.


Target customers like never before.

Personalized data is valuable. Personalized data combined with purchase history creates a very valuable database that many players want to access. As customers continue to engage with Merchants, Twism continuously compiles an ever-growing valuable database of consumer profiles that all other participating businesses can access for their own needs and targeted consumer outreach.

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Production Ready

The Twism Platform powers the Barkback Merchant and Consumer applications to deliver tokens directly to Customer's phones.

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The Barkback Merchant and Consumer Platform

With the Twism platform, Barkback Merchants let their most loyal Customers be their biggest promoters. Barkback Merchants earn an average of $1,286 in additional monthly revenue through their referral network.


Earn Rewards

Get rewards at your favorite local businesses, just for coming back.


Discover New Spots

Find unique local recommendations and unlock exclusive promotions.


Share with Friends

Trade tokens with friends to get more rewards, even faster.


Learn More

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